4 Tips To Navigate Life Through The Coronavirus Crisis

There is calm in the streets, society has been unhinged from the mundane life, and daily activities are paused into the confines of our homes. Perhaps this is the perfect way to define how life is in the times of the coronavirus. Only yesterday, I saw a group of people walking down the road as the Police watched them from a distance. And I wondered gazing at them from my balcony, suddenly everything seemed different and it is up to us how we decide to live our pandemic stricken lives. Some might say it is an opportunity to turn over a new leaf while others will see no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Yes, these are difficult times but if we take the positives of the lockdown into account, it will unfold to us a new way of living life with the COVID-19 pandemic. So, here are five tips that will help you walk through a heavy crisis with a light-hearted heart. 

Fight Lethargy With Exercise

Staying fit as a fiddle is the key to fight the novel coronavirus. Whether you are under lockdown or self-isolated, this is the best time to achieve good health goals. And you can do the same by getting in touch with your gym instructor or your yoga teacher via video call. If in case you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon of staying fit, jump right away. I am not saying you have to find a gym instructor instantly, a simple walk keeping in mind the social distancing factors or a jog in the backyard of your house should do the trick. So, make sure you perform at least one physical activity in a day to help you stay healthy. 

The World Health Organization suggests a 150-minute moderate workout and a 75 minutes intense workout as physical activity during the lockdown. In fact, there is a list of activities that WHO recommends to help you stay active in a tighter space without any exercise tools. For instance, you can cycle indoors, climb up and down the stairs for an intense leg day workout, and ghost jump if you don’t have a rope at home. All these tiny tricks will help you stay both mentally and physically fit. 

Feed Your Mind With Knowledge 

Whether skinny or fat, we all are feeding our bodies with delicious food during the quarantine. I see my Instagram feed filled with recipes for skinny and diet food for obese people. But are you feeding your mind with positivity and knowledge? An empty mind is a devil’s workshop and unnecessary thoughts can cause you anxiety. So, make sure you keep your mind busy during the quarantine. For the same, you can read books and fill your mind with extensive knowledge. This activity is particularly beneficial for people who are ideal and have ample time on their hands. In fact, reading and taking up new topics to study can pique your interest. 

So, whether you’re working from home or sitting ideal, lockdown is the perfect time to learn new things. You can finish novels that you never found time to read, you can learn everything about the things that interest you. This is to say that keep yourself and your mind busy in order to feel less pressurized by the things going on in the world right now. 

Take Up A New Hobby

If photography intrigues you, then start taking photography lessons online. You can shoot objects inside your home to warm your hands on photography. You can also make the most of this pandemic by taking up a hobby you couldn’t because of a busy schedule. For example, dancing, singing, painting, or even something as simple as gaming. And why not if you love video games, then get on with it. After all, statistics don’t lie: people young or old, everyone plays video games and it can be a healthy way to pass your time. 

If you ask me how the answer is very simple. Gaming develops focus, improves coordination, and strategic games with gaming features such as valorant boosting to give you a head start and FPS can boost your brain cells. In fact, a study went on to say that strategic games can speed up perceptual processing and increase cognitive functions. So, get on with a hobby and pass your quarantine time productively. 

Stay Protected

The most important aspects of COVID-19 are prevention and protection. When you are navigating your life through a crisis as this, protective measures become mandatory. Particularly when states are allowing lockdown ease. So, if you are heading for work or going to a hair salon, ensure that you either drive in your own car. You can also commute with the help of a bicycle or walk because these are some of the safest options. 

In addition to this, wearing a mask, gloves, and carrying a hand sanitizer are some of the things you need to heed when going out. Always wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds, particularly when you come back from a grocery store. Be wary of the lift buttons and door handles. Do not touch them with bare hands and use a tissue or a handkerchief to handle the doorknobs. Most vitally, avoid crowds and stay at home until the crisis subsides. All in all, I hope these tips help you navigate your life safely and fruitfully through the pandemic. 

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