How to Dress Right These Winters?

You must be feeling uninspired now as your wardrobe might be looking bland. That’s how winter clothing appears to be. Sometimes you need to put your head before your heart and go for weather-appropriate styles. So, pack away any backless, off-shoulder clothing for now and opt for the choices that will keep warm and dry.  That does not mean you need to compromise on style. You need to be smart and pick choices that are winter-friendly and high on elegance as well.

The correct clothing is all about different layers and correct materials. You can always opt for taking off some of the layers whenever it gets warm and put on some more if it’s too cold. The number of layers will also depend on the type of work or activities that you are involved in. If you think you can skip any of the layers, mind you every layer has a different purpose. Here is how you can be comfortable with winters.

Pick The Right Baselayer

Experts recommend wearing thermal underwear. You can go for merino wool. They are dominating the base layer market with their quality and warmth. If you can’t find one for you. You can also for a brand “Cuddl Duds”. They do not have the same material rather they are made from 100% polyester. A bit thinner or silkier. They would make comfortable wear if you have to wear a long shirt for a meeting indoors.

Match the Midlayer With Right Shirts

The second layer is usually a shirt or a top that matches the quality and material of the base layer. For instance, men can go for normal T-shirts that are a bit warmer. Or go for waffle knit shirts that are a perfect fit. You can use these shirts alone or with a sweatshirt over the top. Other options include wearing long-sleeve shirts because they are durable and versatile. And can be worn over thermals or vest on the top without affecting the motion of your arms. You can also go for flannels shirts with fleece lining.

A Need of a Third Layer When it Gets Really Cold

Sometimes only the mid-layer is enough. But, there are days when cold waves can hit you hard. Then you may need an extra layer under the outer layer. You can look for a warm sweatshirt. They are supposed to be an essential layer of warmth and critical for your happiness during winters. You can also choose the zip front sweatshirts as well. They will you absolutely casual feel and yet warm enough to make your day a comfy one. You can also opt for a hooded one if you are not planning to wear any outer layer. Else, it would not look cool.

Be a Perfectionist With The Correct Outer Layer

This layer is meant to protect you from chilly waves or the humidity. Parka jackets top the charts as they are the best insulating materials. You can also choose ski or padded jackets if the other material is not among your favorites. Make sure whatever you choose, it has a hood. After all, your head needs protection too.

The same advice goes for pants as well. Go for well-insulated materials that will keep you toasty even during the coldest of days. Make sure the material is water-proof such as gore-tex. Never go for tight-fitting outer layers or else there will be no air movement within different layers.

Go For Quality Shoes to Keep your Feet Warm

Snow or winter boots would be a perfect match this season. But, make sure to use 1 or 2 sizes bigger as you would require ample space for the woolen socks to fit in. Wool is the best material for socks, especially merino wool.  Comfort must always be maintained. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up with so many layers.

Avoid Freezing Cold Winters With The Right Accessories

Experts recommend wearing hats, gloves, or mittens when you have to go outdoors. And the list will include a scarf or a buff as well. As even a small cold wave can freeze your extremities. You can also go for winter hats or furry cap to complete your look. The main purpose of all the options must be to protect you from cold weather and make you warm.


There is no reason to always stay indoors when it’s chilly outside. Just make sure you have the right layers and materials to protect you from freezing cold weather. Here is what you need to do. Start with a warm base layer and socks. And if it gets too cold, you add another fleece layer on the top of your thermal base layer. Make sure to go for pants with thermal lining and use a scarf to keep your neck warm. Match your layers with the right winter boots. And once you are sorted with all the layers, complete your look with a fine winter jacket and gloves. And if you are planning to do something with your beloved pet, make sure you buy some good winter clothing for them as well. You may have great dogs for protection nut you still need to protect from cold waves. Zip zap zoom and you are good to go.

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