It’s Time To Pack Your Bags And Leave For Spain!

Spain is a country that never ceases to surprise. There something hidden for everyone in every corner of this stunning country and its high time you move from your desk and get ready to drown yourself in sangria. Sun, shop and sleep, Spain is a perfect amalgamation of everything you could possibly need to enjoy a vacation. Chances are once you’re there you might never want to return. Before we psyche you out here is why you need to leave like right now for Spain. 

Stunning Breathtaking Scenery 

You might think of Spain and imagine a sunny beach but the country is home to a diverse landscape.  the dramatic mountain range from the Pyrenees in the North to the Picos de Europa and Sierra Nevada in the South and the Mount Teide volcano on the Canary Island of Tenerife just exploring the mountains will help you unearth a natural treasure.   If you want to have the best of the sky and sea make your way towards Tenerife has a rugged, volcanic landscape as well as a coastline stretching over 200 miles and boasting of a rich selection of flora and fauna. About 2,000 feet above the sea level are the Los Gigantes cliff, they should not be missed as they offer panoramic views of the surrounding scenery. 

It’s a Beachy life 

It is going to be a very long time before you manage to visit every single beach in Spain. The worst part once you go to one you will never want to miss out on any. Spain boasts of over 5,000 miles of coastline and hundreds if not thousands of beaches. You can pick where you want to go from undiscovered, hidden alcoves to popular tourist resorts, just decide based on what you feel like at that point of time. 

But if a private beach is what you are aiming for, you can make your way to Costa de la Luz. Located in Andalucia, near the Portuguese border this is the place to go to for unspoiled beaches, hidden coves, and crystal clear turquoise waters. 

Food is Important 

If food is what makes your world go around than don’t miss out on Spain’s highlight the FOOD. The country has a vibrant food culture that makes it any foodies paradise. the vibrant cities have multiple Michelin-starred restaurants and lively tapas bars, while the charming villages hold small-town cafes and restaurants offering traditional Spanish fare like paella, stew and chorizo still made with the same love and passed down through generations. 

If you’re still reading in hopes of recommendations worry not we have some for you. Make your way to Barcelona and indulge in one of the authentic tapas bars situated there. Spain is thought to be the origin of tapas where centuries ago bar owners would cover their customers drink with a small slice of bread or cheese to shield it from the surrounding dust. Barcelona’s streets hold their own secrets with every corner offering a wide variety of tapas like chorizo, potatoes with a spicy tomato sauce, olives and fried squid. For a truly authentic experience go off track and enjoy any random eatery. 

Every Day is a Festival

Spain has a reputation worldwide for throwing the craziest parties all masked under the wackiest festivals. Every day is a party in this country. Every town has its own unique festival that takes place all throughout the year. A bulk of these festivals are thought to have originated as religious festivities though truthfully most of them now just seem like a crazy party. 

They are also incredibly quirky with the famous Pamplona Bull Run and La Tomatina -the town-wide tomato fight in Bruno. Valencia has Las Fallas that fills the street the city with giant statues of cultural icons only to burn them in the end. Seville has La Tamborrada which has people banging drums in the street for 24 hours straight. Haro Wine Festival sees people fighting with wine, and the Arizkun festival sees people jumping over bonfires.    

Every part of Spain has something or the other to offer every traveler. The rich cultural diversity in the country almost makes you feel like you are traveling between different countries rather than different parts of the same country. There are a lot of autonomous communities all with different cultures, food, and festivals ready to be explored.

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