How to Take Care of Citrus Plants During Winter Season?

Winter is coming, and in winters, we must take care of ourselves and of the one close to us. What can be closer to you than your loving citrus plants? You know, just like humans, plants have feelings too, they have relations, they make their own food, and when you neglect them, they die. So, in this blog, we are going to talk about how to take care of citrus plants during the winter season? We will share thoughts about citrus fruits and their unique needs in the season of ice and fire.  

The Artificial Heat 

You must have seen marijuana growers with those fancy LED lights, well yes, it is something like that but not for illegal growing. Although citrus plants are one of the most winter tolerant plants in the fruit family, still they will need a little help from your side too. What you can do is keep it covered with a blanket at night for preventing it from the frost. Or you can keep the plant heating needs you can buy heating LED lamps. Another precaution that you can take is making a frame around your plant and covering it at night with drapes, hang a high-power light bulb in it to keep it warm. Remember to remove the curtains when it is a day; you don’t want to suffocate your plant.  

Find a Sunny Spot 

Can any lady your father marry would be able to take your momma’s place? Of course not! The answer is the same as the heating requirements of citrus plants. Yep, there is nothing about the nights, and we can rely upon artificial heating and lighting, but during the day, we must give it maximum exposure to the sun. Sun is the best thing that can happen to a plant. Sun is what keeps them alive; the whole photosynthesis drama is nothing if not for it and heat. So, this is what you can do, you can find a room with windows in two directions, ideally south and east, for maximum exposure to the sun, but in case there is none, you can place it in the sunniest of the room of your house. Citrus plants need eight hours of exposure to the sun to stay alive and twelve hours of it to function to its full potentials. 

Let’s increase That Humidity A Bit 

Humidity can quickly be on the top combined with heat and water; it is essential for a plant any plant. In winters, we do not open windows of the house that much, which leads to drier air. Dry air means the humidity levels are down to 10 percent. Citrus trees need like 50% of humidity. Do one thing pour a lot of water in a bowl and put it on the top of a radiator. Another excellent option would be keeping in front of a heating vent; it will increase the evaporation. 

Amputation of Dead Limbs  

Just like human beings, dead limbs are the worst enemies of any tree, especially in the cold season, when it can spread the frostbite like anything. You can use sharp, clean shears to crop off the damaged and/or dead limbs of the plant. I know amputation is a little extreme step, but it is a necessary evil that we must commit. Also, you must snip all the intercepting branches that are touching each other or are rubbing, to provide much-needed breathing space to the plant. Even though you don’t have to do it a lot of times, still, amputation is an essential task for citrus plants.  

Adios Amigos 

So, this was all about winter, citrus fruit plants, and how you can protect your “green babies.” Winter is fun; this is one of the coziest seasons out there, for humans of course and but it doesn’t have to be the other way around for your citrus plants. You have to take care of your citrus fruit plants in every possible way in the winters, and when they pass this test of frost, you will get fulfilling rewards in the seasons to come. Gardening, I feel, is somewhat like parenting, very similar, but your plants will never abandon you.  

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