7 Excellent Foods For Skinny Women

Food and exercise are the cornerstones of health. A lot of people think that eating and exercising together may make lean muscles more skinny. And basically, ladies are the ones who have this opinion. So, to clear the daze, let us tell you that nutrition is all about healthy food and physical activities. The result of ignoring any of them is not promising for a woman’s weak muscles.

Indeed, obesity is often considered a lot. But, at the same place, most of the people overlook leanness. There are so many women all around the world dealing with over-thinning. So, to help them out, we have enlisted some food items that’ll surely help them to gain lean muscles.

Chicken Breast

Now, if you are aiming to gain muscles, you should focus on eating more calories than usual. To get started, you need to challenge yourself. Chicken breast is the complete food package to help you get rid of the skinny look. And off course, winning the lean challenge. It adds up high-quality protein to your weak muscles.

Also, it is packed with B vitamins niacin and B6. For a fact, it’s also true that food alone cannot do the whole thing for you. Exercise along will result only in getting a muscled body. B vitamins in the chicken breast keep you active and energetic to help you in your body-building workouts.

Greek Yogurt

Everybody knows that dairy supplements are a great source of protein. But, research says a bit different story. According to stats, women witness an increase in the lean mass when they take slow-digesting and fast-digesting dairy products. The irony is people aren’t aware of the fact, and they eat all types of milk-oriented supplements.

Sadly, all are not a combination of slow and fast-digesting enzymes. Greek yogurt is the only food item that solves the above dilemma. After workouts and before going to bed, greek yogurt works at its best.

Lean Beef

Iron cuts iron, well said. Yes, including beef in your diet plan can help you build your thin muscles. Meat is packed with minerals, high-quality protein, B vitamins, and creatine. These nutritional elements help in weight-training and gaining lean mass. But, don’t forget that beef is also full of unnecessary fats that may result in making you sick. So, choosing lean red beef can help you solve the problem. And it won’t make you obese either.


How can we forget eggs in the health course? The egg is the food liked by everyone. And the best part about it is that one can cook it in many ways. Bake it, boil it, fry it or make a salad, you’ll love it all. Eggs proteins are made up of amino acids that are an essential thing for gaining muscle mass. Moreover, it’ll be wrong to call it a portion of food since it’s the energy producer of your body — besides, vitamins in egg help to process different materials by the body. 


Tofu is a great way to say goodbye to lankiness. A substitute for meat, tofu is an excellent option for vegans and vegetarians. Calcium is the main element present in tofu which helps in strengthening the bones. So, it is a supplement to make your body capable of performing physical activities. Apart from this, tofu has the highest-quality plant proteins.

These proteins assist in the smooth functioning of the body. For all these reasons, it should be in your weekly diet plan.

Cottage Cheese

Food with a lot of calories can harm your body. Also, if you are taking fats and proteins together without exercise, then it is a huge problem. Your body is usually not in the habit of consuming so much, and making significant fat variations can make you ill. Instead of building muscles, you’ll end up losing more ounces.

So, to make your experience happy, consuming the right protein food is crucial for you. Cottage cheese from the milk family can save you here. Eat it as much as you want; it won’t make you sick or uneasy in any way. The cheese has amino acids that also help in maintaining the flow of calories inside the body.


Indeed, nuts are fun, and when working as a medicine, they seem incredible. Peanuts are good for weight gain as they carry a lot of good carbs. Less than 100 grams of peanuts contain around 425 calories. The beauty of peanuts is that you just have to buy it and they’re ready to eat. I mean you don’t have to spend extra hours cooking and roasting them. Moreover, eating peanuts throughout the day is the easiest way to gain muscles.


To summarize, food is the only element to solve 90 percent of body problems. So, whether you are up for the food challenges or not that’s entirely on you. Include these food items in your schedule, and help muscles to recover from a lank state. Nutritious food is the food that’ll give you a body everyone admires. So, take exercise daily and eat high-calorie food.

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